About Legaci Eats

Legaci Eats began as a You Tube Channel in 2020 sharing instructional recipe videos as a way to help raise awareness for children with special needs. Our son, Wesley, was born with deletions on his first chromosome resulting in severe cognitive impairment and autism. Wesley has a feeding tube, is non-verbal, and numerous other medical issues. Mostly, though, he gives the best hugs and LOVES to be on camera.

When COVID hit in 2020 we, like most, were profoundly affected. Just before everything began to shut down we purchased a smoker. After our first time using it we had quite a bit left. Steve posted on Facebook asking if any of his friends would like to try some. To our surprise, many people responded not just because they wanted to try it but they needed a hot meal.

So many had lost their jobs when COVID shut the world down. These were people not accustomed to asking for help and had worked hard for years to not have to. Yet nothing could have prepared any of us for COVID.

The next day we spent hours driving all over Albemarle and Greene Counties delivering meals. If so many personal friends needed help we knew many in our community did as well so Steve suggested we open it up to the community. So we did. Jocelynn’s mother, Remie, donated her entire stimulus check to get us started.

The first weekend with the help of volunteers we delivered over 200 meals for free to anyone who asked. The numbers grew steadily as COVID restrictions tightened. At the height of the pandemic Legaci Eats was delivering 1000 meals a week over 16 different counties with the continued help of dozens of volunteers. Many of our families either have no transportation or money for gas

It was also important for Legaci Eats to support our front line heroes who worked selflessly throughout the pandemic. We have brought meals of appreciation to over 20 different fire and police stations, 15 nursing units, 6 nursing homes, and 7 schools.

We also began to see an incredible need for groceries, hygiene items, diapers, and other essentials from the families we served. With the help of other non-profits like Hope Distributed and Mom2Mom we were able to provide these additional items to our families in need.

Forming partnerships and collaborating with numerous other non-profits, churches, and businesses in the area has helped to maximize our ability to reach families in need.

Legaci Eats also holds several seasonal initiatives each year. This year we were able to provide Christmas gifts to over 600 children with the ehlp of our generou sponsors.

In order to create an asset to continue to fund our non-profit we purchased a food truck and launched the BOG3 in August 2021. One hundred percent of the proceeds go back into the community. Twice a month we bring the truck into an underserved neighborhood and open the truck for free. The BOG3 is available for private events, festivals, and venues. Please see the BOG3 to see our menu, locations, and programs.

Legaci Eats has begun raising funds for the Miani-Easton Scholarship Fund to be awarded annually to three area students. Our hope is to assist them with financial assistance upon entering any program directed toward the culinary and hospitality fields.

We whole heartedly believe kindness is free. We believe all people are deserving of being treated with such. Our personal faith guides our behavior and boils down to loving God and loving others. It really can be that simple.

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