Our Story

Legaci Eats is an acronym.

Love. Empowerment. God. Acceptance. Cooking. Inclusion.

Each letter symbolizes cornerstones of who we are as a couple, a family, and a non-profit. Legaci Eats began as a Youtube channel sharing recipe videos with the hope of increasing inclusion and awareness of people with special needs. Our 20 year old Wesley was born with significant special needs including cognitive impairment and autism. He absolutely lights up when the camera is on him.

Once COVID-19 began we diverted all our energy to begin to feed those in need and our front line heroes. As of January 2022 we have served over 70,000 free meals to our community and surrounding counties.

At the beginning of May 2020 we bought a smoker. Steve wanted to develop recipes and made barbecue for our family. We had a lot of protein left so he posted on Facebook asking any of our friends if they would like to try some. To our surprise we received many requests from people who didn’t just want to try our food, they needed a hot meal. Many had worked hard their entire lives but COVID hit and they needed help. Steve asked if we should open it up to the community to help battle food scarcity. So we did.

Jocelynn’s mother, Remie, donated her entire stimulus check get us started. With the help of family and volunteers we delivered over 200 meals the first weekend. That number steadily grew as more and more people became impacted by COVID. Some of our families include single moms, elderly, people with special needs, foster families, and those experiencing homelessness. For many ours is the only hot meal they receive.

As a dear friend once said, “there are only so many hot dogs a soul can take.” Along with our meals we deliver hope. We help people realize they are not alone. We have had people burst into tears when we deliver their meals because it made them realize someone cared for them. We have seen countless children run to greet us excited to eat something other than food bank food. Though food banks are extraordinarily important in our community, there is something quite special about a hot, home cooked meal.

We take great pride in serving the same quality food to our neighbors in need as we would serve any guest in our home. Too often in our society those in need are treated with a “beggers can’t be choosers” mentality. We aim to restore people of the integrity and dignity by breaking bread with them as if they are our guests.

At Legaci Eats we have the utmost respect for our front line workers. We have fed hundreds of people from various police stations, firefighters, nurses, EMTs, CNA’s, and other essential employees to show our gratitude and help their morale.

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