Feeding those in need and our front line heroes

Since May 2, 2020 Legaci Eats has provided over 41,000 free meals to those in need and our front line heroes. We take great pride in serving them food created with the same ingredients and love we would give our own family. In need does not equate to less than and our hope is those receiving these meals would know they are cared for, considered, and deeply loved.

When receiving one of our meals we ask no questions other than name, address, number of people in their family, and dietary restrictions. It truly is a “no strings” gift from us to them. COVID 19 was a great equalizer and people who never found themselves needing help before suddenly did.

One of the most fundamental parts of who we are as humans is the breaking of bread. Some of us may take for granted having a hot meal on the table. For some of our families ours is the only hot meal they receive. We have had the elderly living alone burst into tears when receiving a bag from legaci eats because they were so relieved to know someone in the world cared for them. We have seen countless children come hastily out the door to receive the bag, clapping the entire way.

As we ride out the roller coaster that is COVID 19 food scarcity remains a very real problem in our community. Charlottesville has been pin pointed as one of the hardest places in America to rise out of poverty with a poverty rate of almost 25%. The average for Virginia is nearly only 9%.

Our heroes were never more heroes for many of us because when the world shut down they did not. The nurses showed up still to care for the sick. Police still kept our community safe. Part of our ministry is showing them how appreciated they are by bringing them meals and hoping their bellies and hearts are fuller than before.

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