Seasonal Initiatives – Hark the Bells!

At Legaci Eats we have seasonal initiatives in addition to our home cooked meals.

One of our favorite ones is our “Hark the Bells” Initiative. We take requests from families and need and match them with families who are willing to sponsor them. For most of our recipient families these will be the only Christmas gifts their children receive.

It was an incredible movement and personally so very touching to see these wish lists. Some kids wanted bikes while others asked for a new toothbrush and shampoo. One child wanted a new mattress. In all we helped facilitate that new bed along with 15 bicycles.

One unique thing about Hark the Bells is the children make their own wish lists. Keeping with our mission that “in need” does mean less than, it is vital to us that these children have the opportunity dream. Sponsors then shop for their recipient children and wrap the gifts. Some choose to personally deliver the gifts while others ask our volunteers.

To help sponsor a family please fill out this form.

Thank you! Together we can make Christmas a little more Merry and Bright!

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.

Jim rohn

During “The Great Pumpkin” giveaway we secure donated pumpkins and carving kits to give children some semblance of normalcy by delivering and allowing them to participate in a yearly tradition. Many of our families simply do not have the discretionary income to buy pumpkins. Because of the generous donations Wegmans and individuals in our community

“I cried a little today carving pumpkins because last year we couldn’t afford them…and we couldn’t afford Christmas because my husband lost his job. Cutting them today just made me remember and I just cried happy tears. We really appreciate all you did for our family.”

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