Seasonal Initiatives

At Legaci Eats we have seasonal initiatives in addition to our home cooked meals.

In October we had “The Great Pumpkin” giveaway giving children some semblance of normalcy by delivering pumpkins and carving kits. The world was upside down and many families could not afford pumpkins. We were honored to be able to deliver pumpkins to over 100 children.

In November we held a coat drive helping dozens of families stay warm this winter. Donations made by our community and Do Good Cville made it possible to help keep families warm through the winter months.

We also had our “Hark the Bells” initiative where we paired sponsoring families with families needing help getting gifts for their children. Each child gave us a Christmas wish list which we then gave to their paired family. With the help of generous sponsors and volunteers we were able to ensure over 300 children still had Christmas.

It was an incredible movement and personally so very touching to see these wish lists. Some kids wanted bikes while others asked for a new toothbrush and shampoo. One child wanted a new mattress. In all we helped facilitate that new bed along with 8 bicycles. Our community is caring and so generous.

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