The Maini-Easton Culinary Scholarship Award

David Maini was a corporate chef who had a profound influence on Steve as a chef. In honor of his memory we have founded a scholarship program in his name.

Focusing on the Empowerment aspect of our non profit the Maini Easton Culinary Scholarship seeks to 3 scholarships in the amount of $10,000 each. These scholarships will be awarded to one student from Greene, Charlottesville/Albemarle, and Fluvanna County Schools.

We are seeking students who display exemplary community and culinary excellence. Through
recommendations from faculty, community, and culinary leaders we will ask the nominees to submit a
one page essay. Their essay should include their future goals regarding the restaurant industry and how
they will utilize their education in bettering their community. Students will also need to submit two
letters of recommendation as well as their favorite recipe and a picture. Bonus points will be weighed but not required if students provide a sample business model, menu, or SWAT analysis.
These scholarships will be distributed through a 529 account opened in the recipients’ names. Funds can be used toward programs of the student’s choice.

Once the three recipients are announced they will be invited to compete against one another by creating and executing a menu item of their choice. Judges from the restaurant industry will award one of these three students $1,000 to be used at their discretion.

Training and other learning opportunities will be available as well depending on the availability and
schedule of the BOG3, our non profit food truck. We intend to seek funds for the scholarships by way of grants, community donations, and proceeds from the BOG3. We anticipate our first annual recipients to be announced in June 2022.

If for some reason our goal of $30,000 is not reached we will distribute 100% of the funds we have raised to the recipients’ 529 but we fully anticipate being able to reach our goal.
We need community partners and donors. We need your help. Please help us lift three deserving
students and set them on the road to fulfill their dreams of entering the culinary world with as much
knowledge, education, and experience as possible. Whether you want to nominate a student, donate
toward the scholarship, or find out how to be involved please send us an email to

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